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Series on Turkey

Erdogan's Empire: Turkey and the Politics of the Middle East (2019), which details Turkey's foreign policy under Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Ankara's evolving ties with the U.S., Europe, the Balkans, Central Asia, Africa, and the Middle East in the context of Turkish and Ottoman history, is the final book in the Cagaptay trilogy. The previous two editions of the trilogy are: The Rise of Turkey: The Twenty-First Century's First Muslim Power (2014), which describes the economic growth that Erdogan delivered in the last decade, and The New Sultan: Erdogan and the Crisis of Modern Turkey (2017), which sheds light on Turkey's domestic political crisis under Erdogan.

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Turkey and the Politics of the Middle East

Gradually since 2003, Turkey's autocratic leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan has sought to make Turkey a great power—in the tradition of past Turkish leaders from the late Ottoman sultans to Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey. Erdogan's Empire provides an in-depth overview of the power politics in the Middle East and Turkey's place in it.

The New Sultan

Erdogan and the Crisis of Modern Turkey

The New Sultan looks at Recep Tayyip Erdogan's roots in Turkish history, what he believes in and how he has cemented his rule, as well as what this means for the world. The book will also unpick the 'threats' Erdogan has worked to combat—from the liberal Turks to the Gulen movement, from coup plotters to Kurdish nationalists—all of which have culminated in the crisis of modern Turkey.


The Rise of Turkey

The Twenty-First Century's First Muslim Power

The Rise of Turkey is a guide to the country’s changes, both in its inspiring national potential and in the grave challenges it poses to regional affairs. Structured as a travelogue, each chapter opens on a different Turkish city and captures a new theme of Turkey’s transformation. From the Kurdish issue to foreign policy, Soner Cagaptay argues that Turkey needs to successfully balance its Muslim identity with its Western orientation in order to solidify its position as a regional and global power.

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